Work with Stephanie

If you are looking to expand your reach on the web, increase your authority, and wish to do it with someone who has the experience, the knowledge AND who is also a lesbian entrepreneur like you, I invite you to book a Free Impact Call with me so we can see if we are a good fit!


My magic is helping entrepreneurs amplify their impact. If you are a teacher, a leader, a messenger and you help others grow, I can help you build your tribe faster and effortlessly.


Yes, I’d like to book an Impact Session with you Stephanie!

So you’re a lesbian entrepreneur and you are ready to take your message to a whole new level, and you want help planning it?

You are someone who want things to move fast, and you are serious about going global with your life’s mission?

This is perfect if you already have a site, an online presence (doesn’t need to be perfect!), and a tribe following you. If you have a VA as well it’s even better!

You might be a bit tired of chasing your tail and you are ready to stop being BUSY and start being IMPACTFUL.

This form is for leaders and messengers of today who wants to work directly with me.

Please know that the information you send me will be kept fully confidential. I invite you to share with me what you think I should know to fully prepare for our time together.

No need to try to impress me with your 50 employees’ structure. I’m a type of coach who like high profit – small structure – freedom of action types of business so it’s totally OK if your business is small, as long as your vision of global impact is getting bigger!

Before you ask, no, I don’t work with everyone. I am not a snob (except about coffee… if you offer me a bad coffee, I’ll probably decline not so politely!), I just know who I work best with and who I don’t.

Did I mention a like coffee? If it offends you… sorry!

One last thing… Enough with the false scarcity: I am not going to say that I take only 4 clients at a time because we both know this is often a BS statement marketers use to create a sense of urgency. The truth is, I work with how many clients I feel like at any given time, and that varies from seasons to seasons.


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